IX Scratch Day Porto 2023

Here comes a day full of activities for you to program and celebrate Scratch!

Scratch Day is a day programmed with loads of activities for all ages.


From 8:30 am to 1:00 pm


May 20th

Schedule for May 20th

Alexander von Humboldt was a 19th century German naturalist, geographer, explorer and scientist. He is widely considered one of the founders of modern geography and one of the foremost natural history scientists of his time. Humboldt was born in 1769 in Berlin, Germany, and studied at several European universities, including those in Frankfurt and Göttingen.

In a fun creative exchange, students from the Hack Gaming and Kids Tube courses will articulate a proposal that requires a lot of knowledge exchange through research, interviews, programming and game design. Participate in the IV edition of Game Jam Panamby by creating games based on a challenge inspired by the Martius-Staden Institute exhibition that will be revealed on the day of the event. Everyone is welcome!

A hundred worlds to program A hundred worlds to code A hundred worlds to share Come with us to challenge yourself.

The theme of the Scratch Day 2023 campaign is the poem “The Hundred Languages ​​of the child”, by Loris Malaguzzi, developer of the Italian educational approach for the Reggio Emilia schools.

Let’s all together explore languages, worlds, dreams, realities, forms of expression and transformation of society, reflecting on how our actions can contribute to valuing plurality in a world with more than 8 billion people with stories, languages, characteristics, ideas, cultures and thoughts that make up the humanity of Planet Earth.

The hundred languages of the child

The child is made of a hundred.
The child has a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, playing and speaking.
A hundred, always a hundred ways of listening, of wondering and of loving.
A hundred joys to sing and understand.
A hundred worlds to discover.
A hundred worlds to invent.
A hundred worlds to dream.
The child has a hundred languages (and then a hundred, a hundred, a hundred), but ninety-nine were stolen.
School and culture separate the head from the body.
The child is told to: think without the hands, do without the head, listen and not speak.
To understand without joy, to love and wonder only at Easter and Christmas.
The child is told to: discover a world that is already there, and out of a hundred, ninety-nine were stolen.

The child is told: that play and work, reality and fantasy, science and imagination,
heaven and earth, reason and dreams, are things that do not belong together.
Finally, the child is told: that the hundred do not exist.
The child says: On the contrary, the hundred do exist.

Loris Malaguzzi
Translation: Nana Lopes



Morumbi – Scratch Day 2023
Valinhos – Scratch Day 2023
Panamby – Scratch Day 2023
Vila Andrade – Scratch Day 2023










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Opening of Scratch Month with Guilherme Sandler
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Scratch: programming as learning content.
Games and Gamification: Scratch and the infinite educational possibilities.
Scratch Jr: interrelationship between concepts of animation cinema and programming.

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